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Students Explore USD as Sacred Space


It isn't hard to imagine USD as a quaint castle on a hill. Its distinct, Spanish Renaissance architecture and vivid landscaping are hard to miss amid the surrounding city sprawl, and within the university parameters, students have access to worlds of knowledge only the truly inquisitive may explore. The beauty and privacy of USD affords many comforts and advantages, but it may also appear separate and fantastical to the outside world.

On Wednesday, April 22, students in Evelyn Kirkley's interdisciplinary honors class, Sacred Things, came together to discuss whether they consider USD a "theme park university" ("Is USD like Disneyland up on a hill?") or a sacred space. The class research event was held in Salomon Hall, where student presentations explored themes of fantasy vs. reality, authenticity vs. superficiality and diversity vs. homogeneity, with energetic displays ranging from a mock-up dorm room to Monopoly, to root beer pong. The presentations were elaborate because the stakes were high: their grades were dependent on a public vote of whose arguments were presented most effectively. (Full Story on Inside USD)


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