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Jessica Chapman Awarded Distinguished Delegate at Model UN Conference


Congratulations to Jessica Chapman who came back from the Fall California Model United Nations conference in Buena Park with a Distinguished Delegate award. MUN@USD took 20 delegates to the conference, the biggest turnout ever for USD. Chapman represented the United States in the UN Security Council where they discussed piracy on the high seas and also had to deal with a crisis involving North Korea. This diplomacy award is given to students who best represent their country's position and who negotiate most professionally with their colleagues.

In Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors from United Nations member states to debate current issues on the organization's agenda. Students make speeches, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the conference rules of procedure - all in the interest of mobilizing "international cooperation" to resolve problems that affect countries all over the world.
MUN@USD is offered as a class and as a club. If you are interested in learning more about it, please contact Professor McKenzie at

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