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Pulido’s ethnic studies class to teach community about redistricting


KPBS- — Professor Alberto Pulido and community organizer Kendell Tylee walked up the stairs on the campus of the University of San Diego, headed to their Thursday afternoon class. The college-level course, called Race, Religion and Social Justice, brings together eight students, all of them women.

The main focus of the class is political redistricting, something that Pulido himself knew very little about before deciding to focus on it for this semester.

"Every vote of every citizen in our nation should count regardless of your status, regardless of your class, regardless of where you live, so I was intrigued by that," Pulido said. "But I had no idea that this issue was as important as it was, and I never understood how complex it was."

As complex as redistricting is, it is also a perfect hands-on lesson for the students in his class... (Full Story)

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