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Creative Collaborations 2010
Undergraduate research takes center stage

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Creative Collaborations 2010
Creative Collaborations 2010 closed with a record number of participants and attendees.  Communication Studies student, Lindsey Morr considered how films influence teens and their behavior toward smoking, drugs and alcohol.  Cassidy Trapp’s painting examines the mystery, neglect, and emptiness of forgotten objects of leisure.  Samantha Shuss researched advertising in schools for her Communication Studies project.
Jessica Peek takes some time to view the work of her fellow students. English major Christina Printz shares her research on Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves. Creative Collaborations presentations represent research, internships and artwork of undergraduates with the guidance of their faculty advisors. Philosophy student Clarissa Brown takes questions about her research regarding racialized identities in society.
Associate Professor of Psychology Kristen McCabe joined other faculty in supporting undergraduate research. History student Marie Harding presents “Not Mere ‘Cookie-Pushing’: The Relationship Between Dining and Diplomacy in Post-War America.” Alexandra Noel combined black and white photography with oil painting to create images that reflect the conflict between society and nature. Ryan Brennan ’10 and Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor Mitch Malachowski discuss Brennan’s research on DNA and gene expression.
Corrine Wright’s group psychology project investigated how bystanders are affected by overheard conversations. Undergraduate research covers almost all academic departments and interests, offering a diversity of experience for visitors to the annual event.  Physics student Jasmyn Ramis explains her simulation of an H1N1 epidemic on USD’s campus. Sarah de los Santos ’10 fuses her psychology research on the construct of approach-avoidance with her double major in art to create layers of imagery in her painting.
Assistant Professor of Biology, Geoffrey Morse worked closely with several undergraduate students on their original research. Industrial and Systems Engineering student Tiara Chapel shares her research with students and faculty. Allison MacKrell answers questions from fellow students about her biology research. The 5th Annual Creative Collaborations opens with more than 240 students presenting original research.