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CAS Professor Zwolinski to Discuss 'Bleeding Heart Libertarians' Blog

Event Start DateThursday, March 31, 2011
KPBS Radio
Event Start Time9:30 am - 10:00 am

Matt Zwolinski, USD associate professor of philosophy, will discuss his new blog "Bleeding Heart Libertarians" on KPBS Radio’s “These Days” program. Zwolinkski created the blog with several other fellow philosophers to explore the intersection between political libertarians – those who favor minimal  governmental interference in citizens’ economic and civil liberties – and advocates of social justice – those who hold that society has a special moral obligation to care for its most vulnerable members.

Created earlier this month, the blog quickly began receiving more than 12,000 hits per day and gathering favorable comments across the blogosphere.

Zwolinski sees the blog as an advocate for a kind of “liberaltarian” ideal blending both the libertarian belief in property rights and the free market with the ideals of social or distributive justice.


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