Summer Research and Graduate Funding

Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI)

The Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program places students in any of the DOE national labs for either a 10-week summer or 16-week semester period. These are paid positions with travel and housing funded by the program. These are generally for STEM positions, though, as a SULI mentor, I encourage any field to apply. The student is able to choose up to three labs they would like to work at, so at this point I'm going to promote Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington state. We are the home of the DOE Office of Science Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory with research in all of the STEM fields with world-renowned scientists, engineers, and policy makers.

Community College Internship

The Community College Internship program has positions that are similar in scope as the SULI program with the only difference being the student must come from a 2-year institution with at least one semester completed by the time of application.If you have contacts at community colleges, please let them know of this opportunity. University/college faculty members from institutions historically underrepresented in research also have opportunities to work over the summer at many national labs (of which PNNL is a participant). The visiting faculty have this opportunity to perform research with up to two students. I can connect anyone with scientists and engineers here at PNNL so a project proposal can be developed. Additional information on these programs (along with a few others) can be found at and these all have a January 10, 2014 deadline for the summer term.

The National Security Internship Program

This is specifically sponsored by PNNL with opportunities in computational/statistical analytics, systems engineering/integration, chemical/biological/physical sciences, and technology/policy/analysis/operation projects. Students must be a U.S. citizen and at least a junior in college or graduate student, but not attained their PhD. These summer internships start out at 10 weeks with opportunities for extension through the academic year or renewal the following summer. Again, I can answer many of your questions or advocate for your students and you can see the current opportunities at The application deadline for these is March 3, 2014.


For Internships, fellowships, scholarships, and graduate school info visit: and

University of Michigan: Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

SROP is a summer program designed to prepare undergraduates for graduate study through intensive research experiences with faculty mentors and enrichment activities. The program was initiated to encourage talented undergraduate students to pursue graduate study at their member institutions.  For more information, visit Students may apply until February 10th.

Pacific Undergraduate Research Experience in Mathematics (PURE Math)

PURE Math is a summer mathematics program housed at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo on the Big Island Hawai’I and consists of (1) a pre-research that runs for 5 weeks and (2) a research program that runs for 8 weeks. In addition to the academic component of PURE Math, all participants will benefit from weekly professional development workshops. Will attend weekly research talks, learn and use both LaTeX and SAGE. More information about the program can be found on Deadline is February 27, 2015.

Santa Fe Institute Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

The Santa Fe Institute’s Edward A. Knapp Undergraduate Fellowship uses an integrated approach. The program is transdisciplinary, with problems, methods, and data sets drawn from across science. This program is of special interest to you if you’re from computer science (CS), pure and applied mathematics, and physics, and we also welcome applicants from chemistry, quantitative biology, and social science. We aim to build your capacity for computational and mathematical modeling, and train you within a group who will support each other in building a wide range of skills.The application deadline is February 7, 2015. For more information about the program email Juniper Lovato at or visit

NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP)

The NASA Airborne Science Program invites highly motivated advanced undergraduates who will be rising seniors in summer 2015 to apply for participation in the 7thannual NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP 2015). The purpose of the Student Airborne Research Program is to provide students with hands-on research experience in all aspects of a major scientific campaign, from detailed planning on how to achieve mission objectives to formal presentation of results and conclusions to peers and others. Students will work in multi-disciplinary teams to study surface, atmospheric, and oceanographic processes. Participants will assist in the operation of instruments onboard the DC-8 research aircraft to sample and measure atmospheric gases and to image land and water surfaces in multiple spectral bands. Along with airborne data collection, students will participate in taking measurements at field sites. Each student will complete an individual research project from the data collected. For more information visit the SARP 2015 website, Application Deadline: Thursday, Feb 5, 2015.

Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

The University of Michigan Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) offers outstanding undergraduates underrepresented in their field of study the opportunity to conduct intensive research across a variety of disciplines. The goal is to prepare students for advanced studies in a Ph.D. program atU-M. SROPallows undergraduates the opportunity to work on graduate level research projects with faculty. Students work with faculty mentors either on an individual basis or as part of a research team. Research teams may also include graduate students, research scientists, and otherSROPstudents.

Paid Summer 2015 Undergraduate Research Placements:

Here you can find over 800 programs including Research Experiences for Undergrads (REU), NASA programs, and other paid summer research opportunities for undergraduate students. You can also find information regarding portable scholarships for undergraduates, Post-Baccaluareate programs, and Short term opportunities (travel funds, summer institutes, etc).

Financial Support in Graduate School:

Fellowships and graduate programs in a wide variety of STEM disciplines. On this site you can search for Graduate programs, fellowships for Masters Students or Fellowships for Doctoral Candidates, and short term opportunities (travel funds, summer institutes, etc). -

NASA-Supported Internships, Fellowships and Scholarships:  

A large database of NASA related internships, fellowships, scholarships, NASA Pathways, and Recruitment Event information.

Tips on Applying and Associated Resources:

You can find helpful information regarding preparing applications, how to find programs and opportunities that are right for you, and the next steps toward graduate school.

Opportunities specifically in the Ocean Sciences:

The health of our oceans is key to the health and future habitability of our planet. Ocean scientists include physicists, chemists, geologists, biologists and mathematicians, who often work together in teams to solve the challenges posed by the complicated ocean environment. Here you can find helpful information regarding this field.      

Opportunities specifically in Engineering:

Helpful information regarding various programs from a wide spectrum of different institutions and fields of study.  This site makes it easy to sign up to try to receive funding and find a regional specialist near you.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

A USD program that provides financial resources for students (and faculty) participating in summer research. For more information see the SURE website.

McNair Program

Research is at the heart of USD McNair Scholars. Participants are partnered with faculty mentors in their discipline and formulate a research plan. In summer, Scholars receive stipends to support their research projects. USD McNair further supports the publication and presentation of participants' results in journals and professional conferences. Please contact Ms. Diolinda Parsick at

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU Program)

A National Science Foundation (NSF) program that supports undergraduate research at one of several sites scattered throughout the country. Students travel to these NSF sponsored sites and participate in active research with a faculty mentor and a group of fellow students. This is a competitive program but the experience is invaluable. Please visit Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Programs, REU SITES: Mathematical Sciences and REU SITES: Computer and Information Science and Engineering for more information.

Pre- Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE)

A program that provides high school students who will begin classes at USD in the fall to spend the summer prior to their freshman year carrying out research on the USD campus. Students in the PURE program are typically paired for the summer with current USD undergraduates participating in the SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience) program. Please visit the PURE website and the SURE website for more information.