Department of Mathematics

As academic disciplines within the liberal arts tradition, Mathematics graduates enter the workforce with tangible experiences that will help them solve complex problems.


Our program provides technical mathematical preparation for any academic endeavor; liberal arts courses that showcase the impact of mathematical thought and philosophy on our culture; and provide courses of advanced mathematical study to prepare students for graduate work or professional employment.

Why Choose Mathematics at USD?

Research and Internship Experience

We'll help you work with local and regional businesses to conduct your internships and research. Each year, faculty conduct new research that enhances the curriculum and provides opportunities for student research projects that can also help with job placements.

Supportive Faculty

This is a tight-knit, dedicated department that has a history of placing graduates in impressive positions that utilize their mathematics and/or computer science skills. Even after graduation, the close relationships you'll develop with faculty will offer valuable support and networking.

Engaged Alumni

The department maintains long-lasting relationships with alumni, who often return to campus to help guide and mentor undergraduates – and provide connections to potential employers.

Career Passion

Students are encouraged to explore academically to discover new passions and potential careers. Students from this department often have job offers before graduation, including from prestigious companies like Qualcomm, Intuit and Google.

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    Week of Nov. 26, 2018

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    The Problem: Show that any region in the plane with area exceeding n can be translated to cover at least n + 1 points with integer coor…

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