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Department of

Mathematics and Computer Science

Luby Liao, PhD

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Luby Liao, PhD, has been a member of the faculty since 1983.  He offers undergraduate courses on database management systems, Web application development, object-oriented programming, and computer Llteracy.  His research focus is Enterprise Web Development and Content Management System.


Ph.D., Washington University, Mathematics  
M.S., University of California, San Diego; Computer Science and Engineering
B.S., Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan; Mathematics

Scholarly and Creative Work

Liao’s recent research has focused on Enterprise Web Development and Content Management System.   He created and manages many web sites including the department’s web site written in Zope 2, but is currently being rewritten using Django.  He lectures frequently on Web development and computer literacy in Taiwan universities and companies.    

Teaching Interests

Liao has taught a variety of courses at USD, including Mathematical Logic, Theory of Computation, Database Management Systems and Web Application Development.  He has taught a computer literacy course since 1984 and writes a blog on this subject at  He has taught in USD’s Guadalajara Summer Program since 2006.  Liao is the recipient of USD’s Innovation in Experiential Education Award in 1999 and Davies Award for Teaching Excellence in 2001.