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Marine Science Graduate Program

Michael G. Hinton, PhD

Senior Scientist, Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

Dr. Hinton's principal responsibilities include research on large pelagic fishes, including marlins, swordfish, and sailfish, and how oceanographic conditions affect populations of tunas and tuna-like species. His professional interests include pelagic ecology, physical forcing in environmental and biological systems, and population dynamics/statistics. He models impacts of small-scale events on individuals and populations, uses advanced statistical modeling techniques integrated with basic principles to investigate systems, and carries out resource assessment leading to recommendations for management and conservation.


Ph.D., Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Biological Oceanography

M.S., University of Washington, Oceanography

B. S., University of Washington, Oceanography


Scholarly and Creative Work

Among his other activities, Hinton's current research collaborations include Fishscape: Complex Dynamics of the Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishery. Fishscape is a fully integrated, geo-spatial model of the international fishery targeting tropical tunas in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Fishscape will identify the major sources of stability and instability that lead to wide variation among otherwise similar systems across multiple disciplines. Using robust decision-making methods, Fishscape will explore through simulation a wide range of social and ecological factors to discover what makes the system resilient and what leads to instability.

Hinton also is involved in The Physical Habitat Analysis Module (PHAM): Decision Support Tools for Pelagic Fisheries. PHAM ( will deliver software tools that integrate environmental (e.g. satellite imagery, bathymetry, and ocean circulation model output) and biological data to help scientists and resource managers explore and predict habitat and resource distributions, in order to enhance analyses and decisions for management of marine resources.

Hinton also is a member of numerous national and international committees, including the U.S. Argo Science and Implementation Panel (, and the Fisheries Resource Monitoring System Steering Committee (