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Master of Arts in International Relations

Emily Edmonds-Poli

Associate Professor

Emily Edmonds-Poli , PhD, joined the USD faculty in 2001.  Edmonds-Poli teaches classes on international relations and Latin American politics. Her research focuses on local and state level politics in Mexico, as well as decentralization and democratization in Latin America.


PhD, University of California, San Diego; Political Science
MA, University of Texas at Austin, Latin American Studies
BA, Middlebury College, Latin American Studies

Scholarly and Creative Work

Edmonds-Poli’s research focuses on decentralization and democratization in Mexico and Latin America. Her article in Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, “Decentralization under the Fox Administration: Progress or Stagnation?” examines and evaluates the trajectory of decentralization and local autonomy under the first non-PRI president. Her book Contemporary Mexican Politics (co-authored with David Shirk) provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview and analysis of the Mexican political system.  Edmonds-Poli’s current research examines the degree to which Mexican municipalities are able to attain and exercise their fiscal independence from the central government.

Teaching Interests

Edmonds-Poli teaches a number of classes at USD. She regularly teaches a survey course on international relations, and upper division and graduate level courses on Mexico, Latin America, U.S.-Latin American relations, and Politics and Film in Latin America. Edmonds-Poli also teaches international relations in the preceptorial program and has team-taught two upper division classes for the Honors Program: Rupture and Conflict: Politics and Literature in Latin America, and Politics and Media in Latin America.