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Master of Arts in International Relations

Graduate Life

Be a part of the MAIR community of scholars.

Living and learning are intimately intertwined at USD. International Relations students are encouraged to take advantage of the university's vast resources as well as those in the local community. San Diego is alive with cultural events, sports, art and miles of white sand beaches. The business, non-profit, military and political communities are among the most productive and respected in the country, which provide MAIR students with the resources they need to succeed outside of the classroom. MAIR students also have found that USD's close proximity to Mexico offers an array of prospects for fascinating research.

Small class sizes, engaged professors, and the unparalleled opportunities of San Diego make MAIR students not only colleagues, but close friends as well.

"USD continuously surprises me. From day one, professors have made time for me and encouraged my academic journey. I have also learned a lot from other student's diverse views and experiences. I'm convinced that joining the MAIR program has been one of the best life decisions I have made because it not only teaches material to help me achieve my dreams, but also inspires me to dream bigger than ever before."
- Joel Day (MAIR 2011)

“I chose to attend USD because of the incredibly personable and approachable administration and faculty. The MAIR program provides students with numerous options to get involved in the university and the community. The University of San Diego has provided me with opportunities to grow and become a leader. The MAIR has been a great fit with my personality and goals and has offered challenging and interesting courses.”
- Nazeli Avagyn (MAIR 2011)