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Program Director

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Evelyn Kirkley

Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies
(619) 260-4131

Office: Maher Hall 291

Office Hours: T: 9:00am-12:00pm, 2:30pm-4:30pm, or by appointment.

Evelyn Kirkley, PhD, has been teaching at USD since 1995.  She is an advisor to PRIDE, USD’s organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer, and questioning undergraduate students and allies.  She has also served as co-director of the Gender Studies Program and director of the Faculty and Curriculum Development Program.  She teaches about the history of Christianity and other religious movements, especially in the United States.  Her research focuses on alternative religious movements (often called "cults" or "sects") in the United States and intersections between religion and gender, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation. 

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Jonathan Bowman

Jonathan Bowman, PhD

Associate Professor, Communication Studies
(619) 260-6878

Office: Camino Hall 126E

Office Hours: Contact Dean's Office (x4545) for appointments

Jonathan M. Bowman, PhD, associate professor of Communication Studies, teaches courses in human communication processes and the methods through which we obtain that knowledge about communication. He joined USD in 2007 after three years on the faculty at Boston College. Bowman’s research currently focuses on communication processes associated with intimacy and close relationships, with recent publications addressing male friendships and small group communication. He was a 2012 recipient of the Keck Faculty Fellowship for his focus on undergraduate research, and also received both the 2012-2013 Innovations in Experiential Education Award for his commitment to high-impact practices and USD's 2012-2013 Outstanding Preceptor Award for excellence in teaching and advising. He serves as a mentor to undergraduates in multiple capacities, particularly those students involved in student government, greek life, academic honors, and/or campus faith-based organizations.

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Maura Giles-Watson

Maura Giles-Watson, PhD

Assistant Professor
(619) 260-4286

Office: Founders Hall 170C

Office Hours: T/R 2:00-3:00pm & 5:30-7:00pm; and by appointment

Maura Giles-Watson (PhD-English, U of Nebraska-Lincoln; MA-English, U of Massachusetts-Boston;MEd-Cross-Cultural Education, National Univ.; ALB-Classical Studies, Harvard) is an Assistant Professor of English and Keck Faculty Fellow. She teaches courses in medieval and Renaissance drama and performance culture, mythology, ancient tragedy and comedy, as well as the early British literature survey and courses in Henrician literature and culture. During her graduate studies at UNL, Maura designed curricula and taught British Literature to 1800, Linguistics, Shakespeare, and Rhetoric as Argument; during her MA program at UMass-Boston she taught composition and co-taught both Chaucer and Five British Writers. Maura's pedagogical methods are Socratic and blend interdisciplinarity (esp. in drama, music, visual arts, literature, history, and rhetoric) with progressive approaches such as mastery learning in which students are full creative participants.

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David Harnish

David Harnish

Department Chair
(619) 260-4128

Office: Camino Hall 173

David Harnish, PhD, is an ethnomusicologist, musician, and Chair of the Music Department as of 2011. He comes to USD from Bowling Green State University, where he taught for 17 years and served as Interim Dean and Associate Dean. He has traveled the world widely and twice served as faculty member on the Semester at Sea program.

As a scholar, he has researched music in Asia, Africa, and the United States, and is particularly interested in religion, festival, hybridity, pedagogy, composition, popular culture, and politics in music. In support of research, he has received grants from Fulbright-Hayes, National Foundation, Freeman Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, Ohio Arts Council, United States-Indonesia Society, MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, and Partnerships for Community Action. As a musician, he has extensively performed Indonesian gamelan, Indian music, Japanese music, Tejano conjunto music, and jass, rock, blues, bluegrass, and country musics.

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Juliana Maxim

Juliana Maxim, PhD

Associate Professor, Art History and Architecture
(619) 260-7636

Office: Camino Hall 33B

Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 9am - 12pm

Juliana Maxim is an art and architectural historian whose work focuses on the history of modern aesthetic practices – from photography to urbanism – under the communist, centralized states of the Soviet Bloc. She completed her PhD dissertation in the History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture at M.I.T. in 2006.

Maxim was a recipient of the National Council for East European and Eurasian Research Award (2008-2010) and was an American Council for Learned Societies post-doctoral fellow (2012-2013).

Her forthcoming book titled The Socialist Life of Modern Architecture: Bucharest, 1955-1965, explores the remarkably intense and multifaceted architectural activity in postwar Romania and the mechanisms through which architecture was invested with political meaning.

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Vidya Nadkarni

Vidya Nadkarni

Professor, Political Science
(619) 260-4010

Office: KIPJ 282

Office Hours: T, Th 6:45a-7:45a, 10:35a-12:05p And by appt.

Vidya Nadkarni, PhD,  joined USD’s faculty in 1990. Nadkarni teaches courses in the area of international relations and foreign policy.  Her research interests center on the foreign policies of resurgent (Russia) and aspiring (China, India) global powers. 

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Lisa M. Nunn

Lisa M. Nunn, PhD

Assistant Professor, Sociology
(619) 260-7427

Office: Serra Hall 220

Office Hours: Mon: 12:15-3:15pm; Wed: 9:00-10:00am and 12:15-1:15pm; or by appointment

Lisa Michele Nunn joined the Department of Sociology at the University of San Diego as an Assistant Professor in 2009.  Professor Nunn teaches largely in the Department’s Community, Urbanization, and Culture concentration.  Her research areas include: Sociology of Education; Organizations; Cultural Sociology; Gender and Sexuality; Identity; Visual Sociology; and Social Psychology.

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Jessica Patterson

Jessica Patterson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Art History
(619) 260-2307

Office: Founders Hall 104

Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 12pm - 2pm, Thursdays 1pm - 2pm

Jessica Patterson, PhD, combines interests in Asian languages and comparative religion with training in the history and theory of art. Her research focuses on the art and architecture of East and Southeast Asia, emphasizing the cultural collisions and intersections that characterized the nineteenth century. 

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Yi Sun

Yi Sun

Associate Professor, History
(619) 260-6811

Office: KIPJ 270

Office Hours: Spring 2014 TR 4:00-6:00 W 5:30-6:30

Yi Sun, PhD,  has been a member of the History Department at USD since fall 1997.  She teaches a number of undergraduate courses on East Asian history and U.S.-East Asia Relations.  Currently she also serves as the coordinator for the Asian Studies Minor program.  Her research interests include Chinese women and modernization, Sino-American relations, and globalization.  She has served on the executive board of several academic organizations, including the AsiaNetwork, Chinese Historians in the United States and the Association of Third World Studies, and presently is the associate editor of the Asian section for the Journal of Third World Studies.

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Preceptorial Assistants


Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth Szewczyk

Elizabeth Szewcyzk

Preceptorial Assistant
PAC Member


PA for: Sacred Space and Sound in World Religions with Dr. Kirkley
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Year: Junior
Major/Minor:History/Education and Business Administration
Campus Involvement: Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Undergraduate Admissions Tour Guide, History Club
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Reflection Room in the IPJ

Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykCourtney Windju

Courtney Windju

Preceptorial Assistant


PA for: Introduction to Evolution with Dr. Baird
Hometown: Sandpoint, ID
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Behavioral Neuroscience/Leadership
Campus Involvement:Gamma Phi Beta, Phi Delta Epsilon, Relay for Life, Ambassadors Club, Leadership Advisory Board, Associated Students
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Reading Room in SOLES - I like to pretend it is my own 'secret place'. It is very calming, has a wonderful ambience and I love that there's never too many people there!

Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykJulie PhamVu

Julie PhamVu

Preceptorial Assistant


PA for: Introduction to Film/Video Art with Dr. Fu
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Communication Studies and Visual Arts (New Media concentration)
Campus Involvement:Alpha Chi Omega
Favorite Spot on Campus: There's a tree behind Maher/Immaculata; it sits on the edge of the hill, overlooking the city. It's beautiful at night.

Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykKourtney Swank

Kourtney Swank

Preceptorial Assistant


PA for: Music in World Cultures with Dr. Harnish
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Undeclared (Pre-Med)
Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Pi, Honors Program
Favorite Spot on Campus: Aromas

Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykSam Khajenoori

Sam Khajenoori

Preceptorial Assistant


PA for: Investigations in Modern Math with Dr. Myers

Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykElizabeth Creech

Elizabeth Creech

Preceptorial Assistant


PA for: International Politics with Dr. Nadkarni
Hometown: Singapore
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Sociology and International Relations/Asian Studies
Campus Involvement: Kappa Alpha Theta, Founders Chapel Choir, Cool Club
Favorite Spot on Campus: Fountain outside the Immaculata

Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykAndrea Pizana

Andrea Pizana

Preceptorial Assistant


PA for: Introduction to Sociology with Dr. Nunn
Hometown: Laredo, TX
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Interdisciplinary Humanities/Law and Ethics
Campus Involvement: Alpha Chi Omega
Favorite Spot on Campus: Behind IPJ

Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykAnnaliese De Gooyer

Annaliese De Gooyer

Preceptorial Assistant


PA for: Buddhism and the Arts in Asia with Dr. Patterson
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Anthropology with an emphasis in Cultural Anthropology
Campus Involvement:President of Anthropology Club (previously held VP position), Legacy member of Alpha Delta Pi, Intern at San Diego Museum of Man's Collections Department
Favorite Spot on Campus: The tables in Serra Hall and the Reflection pool behind the IPJ

Jasmine Chao

Preceptorial Assistant


PA for: Understanding East Asia with Dr. Sun
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Liberal Studies
Campus Involvement: Founders Club, CLU, ADPi
Favorite Spot on Campus: Garden of the Sea

Resident Assistants


Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykAlex Riolo

Alex Riolo

Resident Assistant
Space Place Sound Theme Coordinator



Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykAlex RioloVincent Cabral

Vincent Cabral

Resident Assistant



Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykAlex RioloBryan Chiang

Bryan Chiang

Resident Assistant



Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykAlex RioloKhadijah Brandon

Khadijah Brandon

Resident Assistant



Emily Reimer-BarryElizabeth SzewczykAlex RioloSophie Wu

Sophie Wu

Resident Assistant