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Preceptorials Linked to the Space Place Sound LLC 2012-2013

Introduction to World Religions (Thrs 112D) Buddhism and the Arts in Asia (Arth 101)
Introduction to Drama (Engl 223) Introduction to Sociology (Soci 101)
Understanding East Asia (Hist 110) Fundamentals of Music Theory (Musc 120)
Introduction to Media Studies (Comm 130) Introduction to Engineering (Engr 101)

ARTH 101:  Buddhism and the Arts in Asia

Preceptor:  Dr. Jessica Patterson
Credit:  Fine Arts Core / 3 units

The long history of Buddhist art has produced a rich array of objects and images that can be used to model some of the fundamental problems of art history.  It has likewise been the site of numerous controversies, not only about questions of scholarly interpretation, but also practical decisions about how, where, and by whom the objects may be possessed and experienced.  This course will investigate some of the most passionate arguments that have been inspired by Buddhist art, from fundamental questions about icon and narrative to the complex social issues surrounding the conservation, reconstruction, repatriation, and museumification of artworks and monuments.  Although not a survey, the material to be studied will be drawn from the distinctive regional and historical traditions that best illuminate each topic.

COMM 130:  Introduction to Media Studies

Preceptor:  Dr. Kristin Moran
Credit:  Social Science Core / 3 units

This course offers an introduction to the examination of media and media literacy.  Students learn about the origins, history, and development of mass media.  Additionally, the present structure, characteristics, and challenges in the areas of radio, television, and cable are addressed.  Fulfills a core curriculum requirement in the social sciences.

ENGL 223:  Theatre Alive!

Preceptor:  Dr. Cynthia Caywood
Credit:  Humanities Core / 3 units

“Theatre Alive” focuses on Western drama, a form of artistic and political expression as old as human civilization itself.  From the dark tragedies of the Greek stage to the brilliant outpourings of Shakespeare, from the innovative energy of the American musical to the cutting edge work of England’s Royal National Theatre, drama gives a public voice to the complexities, miseries and miracles of the human experience.  Readings in the course may range from Euripides’ Iphigenia at Aulis to Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd.  Writing assignments are designed to engage students’ imaginations, yet ground their study in the basic elements of drama.  Because drama is meant to be seen, work in the course is linked to production as much as possible, and “Theatre Alive” will take full advantage of San Diego’s preeminence as one of America’s liveliest theatre towns by incorporating class trips to several local productions into the semester’s work.

ENGR 101:  Introduction to Engineering

Preceptor:  Dr. Thomas Schubert
Credit:  Elective / 3 units

Introduction to the field of engineering.  Exploration of problem solving in lecture and laboratory projects in different engineering disciplines.  Introduction to engineering software tools.  Intended for majors in engineering or those exploring careers in engineering.  Four hours lecture-recitation-laboratory weekly.  Concurrent enrollment in Mathematics 115 or 150 required.

HIST 110:  Understanding East Asia

Preceptor:  Dr. Yi Sun
Credit:  Humanities Core / 3 units

This course introduces students to central themes in East Asian cultures and societies, and is conducted in an interactive learning environment.  Major topics include the Confucian way of life, the samurai legacy, the socioeconomic development, and significant cultural concepts and practices.  The course also examines the changing ways in which East Asia is perceived and represented in the West. 

MUSC 120:  Fundamentals of Music Theory

Preceptor:  Dr. Angela Yeung
Credit:  Fine Arts Core / 3 units

Establishes a firm foundation for music theory, including Western music notation, rhythm, scales and transpositions, intervals and inversions, chords, tonal harmony, and their practical application in singing and keyboard playing.  May be taken as core curriculum by students with prior musical experience.

SOCI 101D:  Introduction to Sociology

Preceptor:  Dr. Lisa Nunn
Credit:  Social Science Core / 3 units

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of sociology:  groups, race and ethnicity, class, gender, nation, citizenship, status, role, society, behavior patterns and social institutions.  The approach is broadly comparative, historical, and global in orientation and focus, with an emphasis on the U.S. Particular attention is paid to issues of power, inequality, war, peace, social change, and social justice.

THRS 112D:  World Religions

Preceptor:  Dr. Evelyn Kirkley
Credit:  Theology and Religious Studies Core / 3 units

Students will explore religions of the world, including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Chinese religions.  In addition to analyzing beliefs and practices of these traditions, we will visit their communities of faith in San Diego.  This course has two aims:  1) to learn how world religions are lived in the real world and 2) to become “religiously literate,” that is, familiar with basic terms and concepts.