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Preceptorials Linked to the Natural World LLC 2012-2013

Introduction to Earth Systems (Envi 110) General Chemistry (Chem 151)
Introduction to Evolution, Genetics, and Ecology (Biol 190) Introduction to Microeconomics (Econ 101)
Introduction to Microbiology for Non-Majors (Biol 104) Photography (Artv 160)
Calculus I (Math 150)  

ARTV 160: Photography

Preceptor: Dr. Duncan McCosker
Credit: Visual Arts Core / 3 UNITS

An introductory lecture and laboratory course that investigates photographic expression utilizing analogue cameras and traditional darkroom procedures. This course investigates photography as fine art, and stresses the historical, cultural and intellectual challenges of the medium. Students work to make photographs that articulate their point of view in ways that are technically and conceptually challenging. Students must have access to a traditional film camera and purchase listed materials for the course as required.

BIOL 104: Introductory Microbiology for Non-Majors

Preceptor: Dr. Neena Din
Credit: Life Science Core / 3 units

In this course we will discuss topics ranging from the discovery of microbes, their structure, growth and diversity, as well as the roles they play in the environment, the diseases they cause and their control. We will also discuss applications of microbiology through topics that appear in the news, such as health related effects of hurricanes and biological weapons, as well as how microorganisms can be used to help solve some of the environmental issues that humans face today.

BIOL 190: Introduction to Evolution

Preceptor: Dr. Marjorie Patrick
Credit: Life Science Core / 3 UNITS

This one semester foundation course for biology majors provides an introduction to the mechanisms of inheritance, evolution, and ecology. Three hours of lecture weekly. No prerequisite.

CHEM 151: General Chemistry

Preceptor: Dr. Tammy Dwyer
Credit: Physical Science Core / 4 UNITS

The goal of this lecture course is to introduce the fundamental principles of chemistry and emphasize connections between chemistry and the other sciences, the role of chemical phenomena in the "real world," and the relationship of chemistry to the concerns of the individual and society. The course will provide an ideal introduction for those students anticipating majors in the natural sciences. This course is the first of a two semester sequence.

ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics

Preceptor: Dr. Alan Gin
Credit: Social Science Core / 3 units

An introduction to consumer behavior and the theory of the firm. Topics include the demand behavior of households, the supply behavior of business firms, and an introduction to market structure, and the workings of input markets.

ENVI 110: Introduction to Earth Systems

Preceptor: Dr. Bethany O'Shea
Credit: Physical Science Core / 4 UNITS

Lecture and field investigations of geographic and geological processes. The objective of this course is to give students a comprehensive overview of the earth and its component systems. The emphasis of this course is the interactions among the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere. Three hours of lecture and one laboratory per week and some field experience, which may include an overnight trip. Every semester.

MATH 150: Calculus I

Preceptor: Dr. Jane Friedman
Credit: Math Core / 4 UNITS

Fundamental notions of analytic geometry, differential and integral calculus with elementary applications; historical references.