Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Along with the Faculty Directors, there are student leaders who are able to provide support to students during their First Year Experience. The Resident Assistants live in the first-year area residence halls and develop the community within the hall. Preceptorial Assistants work with the Preceptorial Faculty members to provide academic support within the LLC.

Stephanie Katz Resident Assistant + Theme Advisory Council (TAC) Hometown: Aliso Viejo, CA | Major: Biology| Minor: Psychology | Ideal superpower: flying
Valerie Salgado Resident Assistant Hometown: Rialto, CA | Major: Behavioral Neuroscience | Minor: Theology | Favorite animated movie character: the Genie from Aladdin
Dale Allen Resident Assistant Hometown: Corona, CA | Major: Biology | Ideal superpower: super strength
Jessica Paul Resident Assistant Hometown: Livermore, CA | Major: Behavioral Neuroscience | Ideal superpower: flying
James Ricketts Resident Assistant Hometown: El Cajon, CA | Major: Biology | Minor: Chemistry | Ideal superpower: mind-reading
Bryce Tecson Resident Assistant Hometown: Corona, CA | Major: Marketing | Minor: Finance | Ideal superpower: to be strong with the Force, which is basically like 6 super powers in one
Emma Uriarte Preceptorial Assistant + Preceptorial Advisory Council (PAC) Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA | Major: English with Emphasis in Creative Writing | Minor: Environmental Studies | Ideal superpower: the ability to sleep on command. It would make nap time so much more efficient and plane rides much less painful.
Samantha O'Brien Preceptorial Assistant Hometown: Chicago, IL | Major: Psychology | Minor: Gender Studies | Ideal superpower: time travel
Meghan McKenna Preceptorial Assistant Hometown: Carmichael, CA | Major: Biology | Minor: Chemistry + Political Science | Ideal superpower: teleportation (or, if you like Harry Potter, the ability to apparate)
TinTin Luu Preceptorial Assistant Hometown: Portland, OR | Major: Biochemistry | Ideal superpower: waterbending
Jona Capino Preceptorial Assistant Hometown: Downey, CA | Major: Biology | Minor: Chemistry + Business Management | Ideal superpower: the power to make people and myself happy
Sydney Rilum Preceptorial Assistant Hometown: Tustin, CA | Major: Marine Science | Minor: Biology | Ideal superpower: the ability to fly
Anthony Shao Preceptorial Assistant Hometown: Hillsborough, CA | Major: Electrical Engineering + Finance | Minor: Math | Ideal superpower:  I don't think I want a superpower... but if I have to have one, I'd choose accessing the multi-verse and having the ability to hop between universes
Caitlin Fogarty Preceptorial Assistant Hometown: Lafayette, CA | Major: Communication Studies | Minor: Marketing + English | Ideal superpower: flying!! (Free airfare all the time)
Ahmed Abudawood Preceptorial Assistant Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia | Major: Undeclared | Ideal superpower: time control

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