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ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics

Preceptor: Dr. Alan Gin
Credit: Social Science Core // 3 UNITS

An introduction to consumer behavior and the theory of the firm. Topics include the demand behavior of households, the supply behavior of business firms, an introduction to market structure, and the workings of input markets.

ENGR 101: Introduction to Engineering

Preceptor: Dr. Leonard Perry
Credit: Elective Credit // 3 UNITS

Introduction to the field of engineering. Exploration of problem solving in lecture and laboratory projects in differing engineering disciplines. Introduction to engineering software tools. Intended for majors in engineering or those exploring careers in engineering. Four hours lecture-recitation-laboratory weekly. Fall and spring semesters.

Students must have a Math SAT score of 570 or greater, an ACT Math score of 25 or greater, or pass the Level 2 Math Placement exam to qualify for this preceptorial course.

LANG 194: Migration Through Cinema

Preceptor: Dr. Martin Repinecz
Credit: Humanities & Diversity of Human Experience Core // 3 UNITS

This course will explore the representation of immigration in film, focusing on three broad sociohistorical contexts: the U.S. / Mexico border; 19th and early 20th century European migrations to America; and contemporary trans-Mediterranean migrations. We will use films and theoretical readings as a starting point to think about pressing issues such as: citizenship, national identity and belonging; the multilayered impact of borders, literal and metaphorical; negotiation with "native" and "host" cultures; and inter-generational conflict and cross-cultural identifications, among others. Similarly, we will also consider the diverse nature of migratory experiences, drawing special attention to intersecting identities such as race, gender, nation and class.

MATH 151: Calculus II

Preceptor: Dr. Diane Hoffoss
Credit: Mathematics Core // 4 UNITS

Continuation of Calculus I, including integration, infinite series, differential equations, and applications in physics, technology, and economics.

Students must have passed the AP Calculus Exam with a score of 3 or higher.

MUSC 140: Music in World Cultures

Preceptor: Dr. David Harnish
Credit: Fine Arts Core // 3 UNITS

How do people across the globe use music in their lives to express themselves, find community, resist oppression, make personal statements, affirm their culture, develop their spirituality, or bond with others internationally? This course compares and explores music as an aspect of human culture focusing on music styles from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It examines broad historical, cultural, and social contexts of music and contributes to cross-cultural understanding, and intersections of personal and communal, and local and global.

THRS 114: Art, Creativity and the Sacred  

Preceptor: Dr. Susan Babka
Credit: Theology and Religious Studies Core // 3 UNITS

This course will frame questions about the meaning or purpose of human life with consideration of the role that art and creative expression play in the task of theology, or “theological aesthetics.”  The “theological imagination” is a way of perceiving and appreciating the sensible world, with, as Margaret Miles describes, “’a certain slant of light,’ in which other human beings, the natural world, and objects appear in their full beauty, transformed.” Art energizes the human imagination for the divine, seeing the divine in all things, from the ordinary to the sublime.  Art expresses our nature as spiritual beings inseparable from the material world; it explores morality, politics, emotion, the subconscious, and the unknown.  In this sense, art and considerations of the human relationship to God are essential to the work done for justice, the transformation of society into a place of inclusion, equality, and respect for human dignity.

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