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Cultivate your curiosity about our world and your place in it.

The Faith and Reason LLC is for students who see faith and reason as complementary aspects of human nature.  Everyone is welcome to participate in this dynamic community: Catholic students, students from other Christian denominations and faith traditions, as well as those who are searching for religious identity. You'll have the opportunity to explore these questions and discover on your own:

  • What is the relationship between faith and reason? Science and religion?
  • How is it possible to experience the presence of the Sacred in the ordinary experience of everyday life?
  • How might we understand individuals who take pride in the power of human intellect and see religion as a crutch for those who rely on the wisdom that comes from a 'higher power'?
  • What can we do to better understand religious communities that sometimes assume that if a scientific theory contradicts their faith, it must be an error? 
I recommend future first-year students choose Faith and Reason if they want to feel welcome and be part of a community with truly caring people.


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