Change LLC

Create an understanding of our ever-changing world by connecting knowledge to self-expression.

In the Change LLC, you will explore change across social, cultural, and historical contexts, as well as our geo-political, environmental, and ideological borders. You will consider the various structures within which we are embedded and investigate how what we often think of as natural givens are learned behaviors that can change with practice and time. Think critically, creatively, and collaboratively with your peers and faculty about:

  • What kinds of choices do we make and why?
  • How do we understand ourselves in relation to others? 
  • Do our perceptions shape our realities or do our realities shape our perceptions? 
  • How might we adapt to, impact, and inform our ever-changing world?
Being a part of the Change LLC allowed me to meet people right from the start, enjoy awesome events on and off campus with everyone in my hall and it gave me the opportunity to work with people who had similar goals and interests.

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