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Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities Committee

An LLC Working Group first met during the 2009-10 academic year to develop and pilot our first living learning communities. As the program evolves, it is important to continue to have faculty, staff, and student input to ensure our Living Learning Communities remain vibrant.


At the request of the Interim Vice President and Provost, Dr. Andrew T. Allen, the LLC Committee was charged to develop a process for creating new LLC themes, discuss integration of LLCs with the new core curriculum, explore the possibility of creating second-year LLCs, and serve as a sounding board for other decisions and processes. The committee interpreted this charge to include: creating criteria for proposed themes, assessing current themes, future theme selection, providing recommendations to the academic advising and housing processes, integrating preceptorial selection, reevaluating curricular links to USD's Core, offering recommendations for the faculty director positions, and a creating a timeline in which all these pieces come together.


  • Avi Badwal, Interim Director, Enterprise Administrative Systems and Services (EASS)
  • Terry Bird, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Jonathan Bowman, Associate Professor, Communication Studies; Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Blake Busby, Student; Preceptorial Assistant Council (PAC) Member
  • Timothy Clark, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • Joseph Davidson, Assistant Director of Multicultural Recruitment, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Esteban Del Rio, Associate Professor, Communication Studies; Interim Director, Center for Inclusion and Diversity
  • Alan Gin, Associate Professor of Economics, School of Business
  • Minh-Ha Hoang, Director of Admissions and Enrollment, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Diane Hoffoss, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Dayanne Izmirian, Assistant Dean, Residential Life
  • Margaret Leary, Associate Dean of Students, Student Affairs
  • Michael Lovette-Colyer, Assistant Vice President, University Ministry
  • Merrick Marino, Assistant Dean, Center for Student Success
  • Kristin Moran, Professor, Communication Studies
  • Tess Nunn, Living Learning Communities Coordinator
  • Rick Olson, Associate Professor, Engineering
  • Roger Pace, Professor, Communication Studies; Director, Honors Program
  • Ron Pachence, Professor, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Yi Sun, Associate Professor, History
  • Ron Valenzuela, Assistant Director of Athletics for Student Athlete Services
  • Dirk Yandell, Professor of Economics, School of Business