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Living Learning Communities


The best way to introduce the LLC experience is to listen to what past participants have said. Here you'll find a small sample of the feedback we've received.

llc student 9“When I came to USD there was a huge sign welcoming us on the wall saying, "Ohana, means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten" this is how it feels to be in LLC, you are grouped with people with the same interests where you do things close to your nature. It is a very welcoming experience and you have a feeling of belonging somewhere. You feel more at home.”

"It's great! I never met people I connected with so fast in my life. It's because of the themed LLC that you get people with the same characteristics and beliefs as yourself that makes transition to college so much easier."

“I’ve really enjoyed having a specific LLC class with the people that I live with because it’s created a better sense of community.”

“Living in the LLC has been a great experience. Having students in my class close by made studying and doing homework more convenient. I found myself being more successful within my classes because of this learning environment.”


honors llc students“Living with other students in the Honors Program has been a great experience because I automatically recognized a few faces in my honors classes and my classmates are easily accessible for studying and homework help.”

“Living in the Insight LLC this year is the greatest first-year living experience I can imagine. The girls that living in my hall are and forever will be some of my greatest friends. Making new connections is a breeze since everyone is so close right from the beginning. Professors are willing to make themselves available to you.”

“My preceptor has helped me to adjust to college life extraordinarily. He helped me connect to my peers and create a community within the Insight LLC.”

“It was such a great idea to make Honor’s Program live together. I loved seeing them study together every night. They were all hard working students who knew how to balance socializing and studying which was embodied by the whole LLC idea…living and learning together” - LLC Resident Assistant

Social justiceSocial Justice LLC

“The Social Justice LLC helped me meet new people who were passionate about the same things I was- awareness and community togetherness."

“Living with other members of the Social Justice LLC has helped to connect with other students in my precept and with my advisor."

“The LLCs help residents who are less involved find a better sense of direction towards what they want to do and who they want to be.”- LLC Resident Assistant

“My residents became really close and it was a great way to introduce students to a conversation around social justice.” - LLC Resident Assistant

Natural World

llc student 2“Living with the people that you attend classes with helped me make friends and meet people with similar interests right of the bat. I think that's important considering how difficult it can be to meet new people the first semester of college.”

 “Living in a LLC theme building was so beneficial for me! I got to connect with people of similar interests to me and most importantly, it created a sense of a community. Because of the planned events, we ran into our fellow residents many times allowing us to connect with our hall.”

“We are all a huge community and have each others backs."

“It was a fun experience and a great way to make life long friends. It's not hard being away from home because Camino has been like a second home.”


Sustainability LLC“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the activities and field trips. It’s great to connect the themes of my sustainability LLC to San Diego.”

"I'm really glad to have picked the Sustainability LLC for my first year. It's a great chance to develop new friendships with people who have the same interests. The LLC always keeps me updated on events and activities within the San Diego community. It has allowed me to feel more connected to my new community and has broadened my knowledge of sustainability through the green efforts on the USD campus and in San Diego."

“The LLCs were a great way for my floor to bond. I felt like it made them closer and they get to have fun!” - LLC Resident Assistant

“My residents that were part of the Sustainability LLC enjoy the classes and other programs connected to sustainability at USD.” – LLC Resident Assistant


Globalization LLC students“Being a part of Globalization was a great opportunity! I got to meet a ton of great people from all over the country and world. The Globalization LLC is awesome and filled with amazing people.”

“Being in the Globalization LLC has given me the opportunity to explore San Diego and the global environment of the city."

“The Globalization LLC has allowed me to meet new people and experience so many new ways to live."




llc student 8"The Intersections LLC has brought me the greatest friends this first year."

“I enjoyed being in Intersections LLC because I liked being in the same classes as people on my floor. I also like the opportunities to go places on and off campus to get to know the city of San Diego, our campus, and my peers.”

“I think the LLC experience helps create a community between students with similar and different interests. It has helped me find academic support among students with similar aspirations.”



Intersections LLC students“Living in an LLC was such an amazing experience for me. Before moving in I was a little nervous about whether or not I would get along with the people on my floor, yet alone my roommates, but thankfully that was possible for me due to the LLC’s.  An LLC is a place where you are able to connect on both a social and academic level with people who share the same common interest or classes as you do.  I know from personal experience there have been plenty of times that I’ve had homework questions and was able to simply walk down the hall and find someone who was in the same class as me to help me out.  LLC is not only a space for academic support but overall a sense of community. "

“The best part of LLCs is the convenience of living with your classmates. An LLC gives the opportunity for community as well as collaboration and connectivity.”

"Being apart of the Change LLC allowed me to meet people right from the start, enjoy awesome events on and off campus with everyone in my hall and gave me the opportunity to work with people who had similar goals and interests."

Space, Place and SoundSPS students

"The SPS LLC has given me the opportunity to connect and form friendships with other students on the USD campus who have similar interest. These lasting relationships are what help make USD, not only a great school, but a community. Being in an LLC provides numerous opportunities that freshmen students at other colleges might not receive and for that I am grateful. "

LLCs offer the great opportunity to meet the people that will more than likely be in a few of your classes, therefore allowing you to build a more comprehensive relationship with them."

“Being in an LLC enabled me to have a personal connection with my professor, a chance I never would’ve had if I had gone to a bigger university.”

Faith and Reason

Faith and Reason LLC students"I recommend future first-year students to choose Faith and Reason if they want to feel welcome and belong in a community with truly caring people."

"Living in an LLC theme building has been so much fun! There are so many activities to take part in and so many opportunities that I would have missed had I not lived in the LLC."

“Living in an LLC is awesome! Our floor is a family!”

“Living with my classmates in my precept class motivated me to study in groups and ultimately helped me to succeed in the class."