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Liberal Studies

Undergraduate Advising Checklist and Agreement

(Complete this form and submit to your academic advisor
before the end of your first semester as a Liberal Studies major)

Student Name ________________________ ID# ________________ 1st sem at USD _______________

Email __________________________________   Local phone number ________________________

Initial each item below.

Declaration of Major
1. _____ I understand that it is to my advantage to declare the major as soon as possible.  File the Declaration of Major form with One Stop Services.

Participation in a Study Abroad Program
2. _____ Liberal Studies majors can participate in a Study Abroad program and still graduate on time IF their program of study is completed as early as possible with the student's academic advisor.

Application to Credential Program
3. _____ Students should apply for admission to the Teacher Credential Program in the second semester of the sophomore year, or as soon as they have completed courses in college algebra and composition and literature.

4._____ A passing score on the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test), a letter of recommendation, a cumulative GPA (2.75 or higher), and a grade of "C or higher" in every Core and Concentration course, are all requirements when applying to the Credential Program.  An interview will be scheduled as the last phase of your application process.

5. _____ After acceptance into the Credential Program, connect regularly with the Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Nancy Hanssen, to be sure that you are completing coursework and additional requirements in a timely manner.

Student Teaching
6. _____ Students must apply for the opportunity to student teach one semester prior to student teaching. Permission to student teach requires meeting all academic criteria (grade of "C or above" in Core and Concentration courses, "B- or above" in Professional Preparation courses), completion of all core, concentration and credential coursework, and successful completion of any additional requirements set forth by the Credential Program (including the CSET exams).

7. _____You must submit a copy of your passing scores on the CSET to the SOLES Credential Analyst.

8. _____ Students must complete at least 124 total units, 48 of which must be upper division, in order to qualify for a bachelor’s degree. Students can graduate prior to their student teaching semester provided they meet all graduation requirements.

9._____ Students are required to submit their Petition to Graduate once they have completed 90 units.

10. _____ Residency Requirement. The last 30 units (before graduating) must be taken at USD. If you need to take a course off-campus in order to graduate on time, you must file a request with the Dean's office (Founders 114) to waive this requirement. Filing the request does not guarantee a waiver of the requirement. Additionally, you would need to submit a Undergraduate Petition for Transfer of Credit Form for that particular course(s) prior to enrollment.

*************************************************************************************************************************I I have read the Professional Decorum in this handbook, and understand that I must make a personal commitment to demonstrating appropriate ethical behaviors that are expected of me in the teaching profession.  I also understand the importance of seeking support and advice through the proper channels (within the Liberal Studies and SOLES Credential Program) if and when I have an issue that must be resolved before completing my teaching credential. 

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read the 2015-2016 Liberal Studies Handbook.

Printed Name of Student:  _______________________________________________

Signature of Student: _____________________________________  Dated: ____________________