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Liberal Studies

Undergraduate Advising Checklist and Agreement

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A mark beside each point signifies that the Liberal Studies candidate has read, discussed with the Core Advisor, and understood each statement or requirement.

Enrollment and Declaration of Major:

1. _____ Declare the major as soon as possible. File the Declaration of Major form with the Liberal Studies Coordinator. New Declaration of Major forms must be filed indicating codes for selected concentration and credential.

2. ____ No online courses are permitted.

3. _____ Confer with Coordinator each semester for subsequent semester’s course selections. Advisors will not release advisors hold without sufficient advisement.

4. _____ Since all courses in this program are part of the Liberal Studies major, no required course may be taken pass/fail.

5. _____ C or above must be earned in all Core and Concentration courses. B- or above must be earned in all professional preparation courses.

6. _____ Course substitutions for Core Courses will NOT be approved by the Liberal Studies Coordinator or Concentration Coordinator may approve some course substitutions for the Concentration.

7. _____ Complete, when possible, lower-division courses before taking upper-division courses.

8. _____ Summer session, Intersession, and Foreign Study information:

  • Guadalajara courses can help expedite graduation
  • Community colleges—all units are lower division; course content must be equivalent to USD courses.
  • If courses are taken elsewhere, a “Petition for Transfer of Credit” for each class must be filed prior to enrollment. Only courses with grades of C or better transfer; courses count as pass/fail for GPA.
  • No more than 13 units of credit can be taken during summer sessions (at USD and/or as transfer credit)
  • No more than 4 units of credit can be taken during Intersession.
  • Foreign Study should be planned far in advance to ensure timely graduation.

9. _____ Students must be in their last 30 units of course work before enrolling in ENGL 306W.

CBEST and CSET Test Requirements and Preparation:
10. _____ Save all major assignments and exams completed in Core courses for possible inclusion in the Final Project to be created in ENGL 306W. Save all course syllabi, books, and other materials from each course for use in studying for the CSET.

11. _____ The CBEST should be taken in freshman or sophomore year. Students may register online at

12. The CSET Multiple Subject SubTests I, II, and III must be taken before ENGL 306W.

Application to Credential Program:
13. _____ Students should apply for formal admission to the Teacher Credential Program in the second semester of the sophomore year. Application packets may be picked up in the Liberal Studies Office or the School of Leadership and Education Sciences.

14. _____ Passing score on the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) is required for acceptance to the Teacher Credential Program.

15. _____ Submit copy of CBEST passing results to Nancy Hanssen (260-4159) in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences.

16. _____ A letter of recommendation, cumulative GPA (2.75 or higher), C grades or above in every Core and Concentration course, and interview with a School of Leadership and Education Sciences faculty member are required along with the application to the Teacher Credential Program.

17. _____ After acceptance into Teacher Credential Program, confer with Professional Preparation Advisor (School of Leadership and Education Sciences) each semester and discuss balance and pacing of Professional Preparation courses, and the need for breadth of experience in practicum placements (different grade levels, culturally diverse student populations).

18. _____ After acceptance into the Teacher Credential Program, meet with the Credential Analyst (Tedi Kostka, Rm.101D, ext. 4821) to assure progress toward preliminary Multiple Subject credential or Level I Education Specialist Credential.

RICA Test Requirement and Preparation:
19. _____ RICA (Reading Instruction Competency Assessment) should be taken as soon as possible after completion of EDUC 383.
Application to Student Teach:
20. _____ Students must apply for the opportunity to student teach the semester prior to student teaching. Permission to student teach requires meeting the academic criteria set forth above (C or above in Core and Concentration courses, B- or above in Professional Preparation courses), acceptable performance in practicum experiences, receipt of Subject Matter Letter, completion of online technology workshop, appropriate professional dispositions, and faculty approval of student portfolio.

21. _____ Submit a copy of passing scores on the CSET to the Credential Analyst (Tedi Kostka, SOLES Student Services Room 101D, ext. 4821).

22. _____ Students may graduate prior to their student teaching semester provided they meet all graduation requirements. Students must complete at least 124 total units, 48 of which must be upper division, 9 of which must be Professional Preparation, in order to qualify for a bachelor’s degree.

23. _____ Students should petition to graduate the year before they expect to graduate. Petitions are available in the LS Office. Submit the petition to the LS Coordinator. It is the student’s responsibility to see that ALL graduation requirements, as published in the Bulletin, are met.

24. _____ The last 30 units of undergraduate program must be taken at USD. To request an exception, file a “Request for Waiver of Graduation Requirement.” Filing the request does not guarantee a waiver of the requirement. Also, a “Petition for Transfer Credit” must be filed for the particular course(s) prior to enrollment.

25. _____ The decision to student teach as an undergraduate or graduate student should be made in consultation with the Professional Preparation Advisor. Students may need to confer with the Financial Aid Office to make an informed decision.



In addition, I have read the Professional Decorum on page 8 of this handbook, and understand that demonstrating appropriate ethical behaviors is expected of me as I prepare for the teaching profession. By signing below, I acknowledge receipt of the Liberal Studies Major Undergraduate Handbook. I promise to read and develop understanding of its contents.

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