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Liberal Studies


Meeting with your Liberal Studies Advisor


To all majors: We encourage you at this time to set up a meeting with your Liberal Studies advisor. Some of you have not met with your advisor in quite awhile, and since we are all trying our best to help you complete your graduation requirements in a timely manner, we just may have some good news for you.

Juniors, seniors and transfers: Remember that if you have 90 or more completed units, you must submit your Graduation Petition to the One Stop Center in order to register for the next semester.

Contact your advisor today and set up an appointment:

Dr. Kay Etheridge: or (619) 260-2243

Dr. Patricia Kowalski: or (619) 260-4003

Dr. Lynn McGrath: or (619) 260-7955

Dr. Perla Myers: or (619) 260-7932

ContactKay Etheridge | | 619 260-2243
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