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Liberal Studies

Level 1 Education Specialist Credential

Undergraduate students interested in becoming special education teachers can select the credential program for Mild/Moderate Disabilities (grades K-12). To obtain a Level I Education Specialist Credential, students must major in Liberal Studies, complete the major requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences, and take the appropriate special education professional coursework.

Course Requirements:

  1. Completion of Liberals Studies Major with grades of C or higher in all coursework (no pass/fail)
  2. Completion of the following courses in SOLES

The Preliminary Education Specialist Level I (Mild/Moderate) Credential Program prepares future teachers to serve children, youth, and adults who have special learning or emotional needs. The Education Specialist credential may be used in K-12 resource rooms, special day classes, or alternative settings.

The Level I Education Specialist Credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities, which authorizes teachers to instruct individuals in grades K-12 and adults who have specific learning disabilities, mild/moderate mental retardation, other health impairments, and/or serious emotional disturbance.


________ EDSP 389 Health Environments/Inclusive Education in a Global Society (3 units)                                  

________ ENG 318  Development of the English Language (3 units)

FOUNDATIONS BLOCK (should try to complete before beginning Methods Block; the following courses may be taken before admission to the Credential Program)

________ EDSP 373 Diverse Family Systems and Transitions (3 units) Fall only                                                         

________ EDSP 374 Global Perspectives and Foundations in SPED (3 units) Fall only                                              

________ EDSP 379 Legal, Ethical and Professional Practices in a Diverse Society (2 units) Intersession only

METHODS BLOCK SPECIAL EDUCATION COURSEWORK  These courses can be taken concurrently with Foundation Block and in any order. Must complete prior to Student Teaching

________ EDSP 370 Assessment Identification to Transition in Special Education (3 units) Spring only                    

________ EDSP 371 Management Behavior and Instruction (3 units) SS August                                          

________ EDSP 372 Language Variance and Assistive Technology (3 units) Spring only                                 

________ EDSP 375P Evidence Based Inclus. Pract. Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3 units, 25 hr field work) Spring only


 ________ EDUC 383P Methods of Teaching Reading & Language Arts  (3 units, 50 hours field work) Fall, Spring 

________ EDUC 384C Methods of Teaching English Language & Academic Development (3 unts, 20 hrs field wrk) Fall, Spr  

________ EDUC 375P Elementary Curriculum Methods (for spec.ed majors) (3 units, 25 hours field) Fall only        

STUDENT TEACHING BLOCK (courses taken concurrently)

________ EDSP 490P Student Teaching Mild to Moderate (6 units, full-day)  Fall, Spring

      See Dr. Jerome Ammer, Special Education Credential Program Coordinator, for information on additional Credential Documentation and examination requirements