2017-18 Learning Community Themes and Faculty Integration Coordinator Announcement

Faculty Integration Coordinator: Alejandro Meter; Languages, Literature and Cultures

Social justice in a local and/or global context.

Who is an advocate? An advocate welcomes all. We advocate for the equitable opportunities for all members of our community. We advocate for our experiences and identities, and recognize the importance of awareness and action. Join us - be an advocate.

Faculty Integration Coordinator: Susan Babka, Theology and Religious Studies

Creativity is the power to see things differently.

Who is an innovator? An innovator approaches a problem with creativity and resolve. We practice entrepreneurship that leads to positive change in the community. We let our compassion drive our curiosity. Join us - be an innovator.

Faculty Integration Coordinator: Diane Keeling, Communication Studies

Shining light on the complex realities of the 21st century.

Who is an illuminator? An illuminator sees connections. We adapt to our ever-changing world, using scholarship and knowledge as tools to inspire new ways of being. Join us - be an illuminator.

Faculty DIntegration Coordinator: Drew Talley, Environment and Ocean Sciences

Sustainable living to protect the earth’s natural resources.

Who is a cultivator? A cultivator protects the earth’s natural resources. We sustain our environment and take pride in being a keeper of the earth and its inhabitants. We work to conserve. Join us - be a cultivator.

Faculty Integration Coordinator: Lisa Nunn, Sociology

Civic engagement that leads to a participatory democracy.

Who is a collaborator? A collaborator pursues and values partnerships. We get out in the community and learn from one another, activating communication and participation in both our local and global communities. Join us – be a collaborator.

Faculty Integration Coordinator: Susannah Stern, Communication Studies

Investigating the complexities of the 21st century.

USD students are motivated to imagine new and creative possibilities when faced with the unscripted problems of tomorrow. Changemakers inspire.

Faculty Integration Coordinator: David Sullivan , Communication Studies

Connecting to the community.

USD students engage with members of the campus community and beyond to enable equitable participation in civic life. Changemakers engage.