Scholastic Assistant Program

Scholastic Assistants for first-year LLC courses

2017 Scholastic Assistants 2017 Scholastic Assistants

The overall purpose of the SA Program is to foster a successful and positive educational and developmental experience for all First-Year students. SAs are successful continuing students who serve as mentors for first-year students, helping with both their social and academic transitions. Each SA is connected to a particular LLC course, and the group of SAs in any given LLC theme are seen as a collective resource for the new incoming first-year cohort. They serve as a liaison between first-year students and LLC Faculty Advisors, collaborate closely with Resident Assistants (RAs) to put on co-curricular programming, and help new students navigate and find their place here at USD.

If you are interested in serving as a Scholastic Assistant, please contact a current SA in our directory. For any additional questions, please contact Tess Nunn Eves at