Innovate LLC

Creativity is the power to see things differently.

Who is an innovator? An innovator approaches a problem with creativity and resolve. We practice social entrepreneurship that leads to positive change in the community. We let our compassion drive our curiosity. Join us - be an innovator.

Innovate LLC students will be housed in the Missions B residence halls. Students living in Missions B enjoy close proximity to Missions Café and Missions Fitness Center. It is situated in what students call “The Valley,” which is the largest residential community on campus, and home to first-year students, sophomores, and upperclassmen alike.


Begin quote I'm excited to be in Innovate because I believe that it's the foundation of change. Inspiring and empowering allows for more ideas that can grow and spread to awesome global change! Innovate is unique because it can come from anybody’s background; anyone can be innovative and use their ideas to make change. – Grace Cawley, Facilitating Resident Assistant for Innovate

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Begin quote From its very name, Innovate strives for creativity. Innovate will be filled with individuals that are unique and passionate about creating positive change within their community and beyond. This LLC asks its community to think beyond what they already know and envision new possibilities, solutions, and ideas. – Gabriella Sardina, Facilitating Scholastic Assistant for Innovate