Illuminate LLC - Honors Program

Shining light on the complex realities of the 21st century.

The Illuminate LLC is only for Honors Program students. Learn more about applying to the Honors Program here.

Who is an illuminator? An illuminator sees connections. We adapt to our ever-changing world, using scholarship and knowledge as tools to inspire new ways of being. Join us - be an illuminator.

Illuminate LLC students are housed in Camino and Founders Halls. The Camino/Founders community is located on main campus, providing students a short walk to class. Students living in this area enjoy its close proximity to multiple dining areas, Founders Chapel, and Copley Library.


Begin quote I'm excited to be part of the Illuminate LLC because I love the idea of being surrounded by other academically-minded people. I'm hoping we can work together and use our loves of knowledge and learning to positively impact our community. Illuminate is unique because it is made up of all Honors Program students. I think this will lead to a really strong group of people who value the interconnection of scholarship and changemaking. – Keeley Copeland, Facilitating Scholastic Assistant for Illuminate

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Begin quote I believe the Illuminate LLC will foster a passionate group of individuals who strive to challenge each other to become the best they can be. This will inspire students to become Changemakers in our community, and allow them to be immersed in an environment that fully supports their academic goals. A unique aspect of Illuminate is that it is one of the smaller LLCs. This will enable students to engage closely with their community, and create long lasting connections with their peers and professors! – Jayden Yeoman, Facilitating Resident Assistant for Illuminate