Advocate LLC

Social justice in a local and/or global context.

Who is an advocate? An advocate welcomes all. We advocate for the equitable opportunities for all members of our community. We advocate for our experiences and identities, and recognize the importance of awareness and action. Join us - be an advocate

Advocate students will be housed in Missions A. Students living in Missions A enjoy close proximity to Missions Café and Missions Fitness Center. It is located in what students call “The Valley,” which is the largest residential community on campus, and home to first-year students, sophomores, and upperclassmen alike.


Begin quote Your first-year college experience has the potential to influence the interests you pursue or the causes you are passionate about, both during and beyond college. The Advocate LLC encourages the development of social awareness and a commitment to social justice. As a member of the Advocate family, you will grow in community and solidarity alongside the peers with whom you share these impactful experiences. I am honored to accompany you along the journey. – Tatiana Moreno, Facilitating Scholastic Assistant for Advocate

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