2016-17 LLC Theme and Faculty Director Announcement

Faculty Director: Monica Stufft, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

What kinds of choices do we make and why? How do we understand ourselves in relation to others? Do our perceptions shape our realities or do our realities shape our perceptions? How might we adapt to, impact, and inform our ever-changing world? In this LLC, we will explore change across social, cultural, and historical contexts, as well as our geo-political, environmental, and ideological borders. We will consider the various structures within which we are embedded and will investigate how what we often think of as natural givens are learned behaviors that can, with practice and time, change. In the Change community, you will explore these questions critically, creatively, and collaboratively with your peers and faculty.

Faculty Director: Terry Bird, Biology

What is the relationship between faith and reason? Science and religion? How is it possible to experience the presence of the Sacred in the ordinary experience of everyday life? Sometimes people who take pride in the power of human intellect look down on religion as a crutch for those who rely on the wisdom that comes from a "higher power". Religious communities sometimes assume that if a scientific theory contradicts their faith, it must be an error. This LLC is for students who see faith and reason as complementary ways of human nature, and are curious about the world and our place in it. Everyone is welcome to participate in this dynamic community: Catholic students, students from other Christian denominations and faith traditions, as well as those who are searching for religious identity.

Faculty Director: Leeva Chung, Communication Studies

We live in a global village, influenced by technology in a digital age which shapes the way we interact with others--for better and worse. But what does this mean for us, going forward in our uncertain and exciting future? What skills and knowledge will we need to participate effectively outside of our borders and comfort zone? Does the possibility of expanding your awareness of yourself and those different as future global citizens and change makers appeal to you? Together students and faculty will explore the interconnections within our ever-shrinking world in the Globalization community.

Faculty Director: Kathryn Statler, History

The Insight LLC is a community of first-year honors students dedicated to academic excellence. It will serve as your connection to a challenging and rewarding liberal arts education as you join the vibrant company of scholars to explore the universe of human knowledge through challenging courses and interdisciplinary events. You will learn to make your own connections among a vast range of classes, disciplines and ideas, arriving at new insights. The Insight LLC marks the beginning of a lifelong quest for knowledge, enlightenment, self-improvement and social progress.

Faculty Director: Diane Hoffoss, Mathematics

This LLC explores the physical and human elements that form community. How do people build and maintain communities? What roles do physical proximity, technology & mathematics, art & music, and economics play in the development of urban communities? What happens when cultures clash, coexist, and come together? How can immigrants gain a sense of belonging in their new communities? San Diego's location on the border with Mexico provides an interesting and International lens through which we can view these questions. Discover first-hand these intersections in the urban classroom that is America's eighth largest city.

Faculty Director: Sue Lowery, Biology

Are you interested in all dimensions of scientific thinking? Have you ever wondered about the responsibilities scientists have to the local, national and global community? Is science and discovery displayed in the visions of artists and actors? Can a biologist, philosopher, anthropologist and economist contribute equally to the advancement of science? If you are interested in all aspects of human discovery, this LLC will explore common questions about scientific discovery, ethical and responsible science, and the consequences of scientific knowledge. Throughout your first year you will explore fundamental questions about the sciences through multiple lenses.

Faculty Director: Alejandro Meter, Language, Cultures, and Literatures

The Social Justice community is ideal for students who are interested in understanding contemporary, economic, historical, and cultural issues related to peace and justice in local, national, and global contexts. Together you will live, learn, and investigate the foundations of justice, social activism and social change. We will collectively explore questions such as: What value do communities place on social justice? What are the ethics of responsibility? Can literature, music and art effect social change? Through service, immersion, and relationship building opportunities, this LLC will explore the connection between your academic experience here at USD and social justice issues in the San Diego community and beyond.

Faculty Director: Drew Talley, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

What does sustainability mean to you and how can our USD community achieve that? Do you think USD can become a carbon neutral campus? Can we raise environmental awareness through art or poetry? How can science and the human dimension encourage ecological stewardship? Find out first hand how collaborations among the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities can help us achieve a more sustainable world! Practice “green living” with your peers while you explore these topics together to help enact positive environmental change. Whether you are interested in sustainable food systems, cultures of environmentalism, or artistic depictions of environmental living, this LLC invites all who are interested in working toward a more sustainable world.