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Center for the Study of Latino/a Catholicism

Research Interests at the Center


The Center assumes that all of its sponsored research projects will lead to national symposia and/or publications.

It is further assumed that all sponsored research projects will methodologically incorporate (in varying degrees appropriate to each project) the interdisciplinary, culturally sensitive, and ecumenical perspectives to which the Center has committed itself.

In its projects and publications the Center will define "Catholicism" as the "overall western Catholic Tradition" (thereby incorporating into its object of study the Roman Catholic, Anglican/Episcopalian, and other ecclesial and theological traditions which locate themselves within the Center's broad definition of Catholicism).

The Center assumes that the contributions of critical feminism, intercultural philosophies, and other contemporary theories of analysis, will be engaged (in varying degrees appropriate to each project) in its research.

Research Interest Areas and Topics for Future Research

Continuation of the overall project on the 're-invention' of Catholic systematic theology from a Latino/a perspective (and consequently, most major areas/topics of systematic theology).

Intercultural theologies and methods, and their consequences for U.S. Latino/a theologies.

Popular Catholicism (and popular religion, in general) as theological source.

Globalization and immigration, and their effects on theology and church.

Development of an ecumenical and intercultural U.S. Latino/a theology.

Minorities within U.S. Latino/a communities, churches and theologies.