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Latin American Studies


Creative Collaborations Participants Research on Latin American Topics


The Latin American Studies Program congratulates the following students for their participation in the 2012 Creative Collaborations program:

  • Eduardo Estrada, "The Ties that Bind" Argentinean Identity and Cultural Icons"
  • José Rosales-Chávez, "Eva Perón: Creating the Myth and her Proto-Feminist Role"
  • Maya Sullivan, "Che Guevara's Impact on Argentina's National Identity in Modern Times"
  • Trevor Crowell, "Criminal Minds – The Evolution of Detective Fiction"
  • Corina López Ramos, "The Discourse of Human Rights in Mexico's Maquiladoras and the Myth of Disposable Women"
  • Cheyenne McCarthy, "Shrinking Misconceptions: A Cross-Cultural Investigation and Demystification of the Shuar Shrunken Head (Tsantsa) Tradition/Mitigation of Stereotype
  • Colleen Temple, "Analysis of the Impact of Trade Agreements on the Economic Development of Chile”
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