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Latin American Studies


Rethink Latin American Policy


San Diego Union Tribune--

Milburn Line is executive director of the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at USD.

Distances will surprise you. I thought I had been far away from the United States while living overseas for many years, but the distance looking north across the fence from Mexico at the U.S. border seemed much farther, despite being only a few hundred feet. That distance has recently been amplified with secondary fences that give the name “Friendship Park” an Orwellian ring, even without the helicopters watching us from overhead.

Though families can no longer reunite and chat across a chain-link fence just south of San Diego Bay, the enduring tragedy is that these short-yet-ostensibly impenetrable distances will likely prove futile in their goals.

U.S. policy toward Mexico, and the entire region reaching to Colombia and the Andean range, needs some rethinking if we are to have any success in the region on issues of immigration, narcotics and even democratic governance.

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