Language Placement Exams (USD Students Only)

The exam is a diagnostic tool designed to obtain a current measure of your knowledge and skills in the language you want to study. It is not an "achievement" exam, and you must not prepare for it. For this reason, we do not provide sample tests or study guides. We require each student to perform at the best of her or his ability without using dictionaries, grammar aids, friends, relatives, or any other sort of assistance.

To take the placement exam now, read the following declaration:

  • I will provide complete and accurate information about my language background.
  • I understand that this is a diagnostic exam, and it can only be taken once.
  • I will perform to the best of my ability based on my current knowledge of the language.
  • I will not use any outside assistance or resources to take the exam.
  • I understand that not fulfilling any of the above statements would constitute a violation of USD's Policy of Academic Integrity.

By clicking below and beginning the exam, I affirm and electronically sign this declaration.
We do not have an online version of the Placement Exam for Ancient Greek. To set up an appointment to take it, contact Dr. Rubio-Fernaz (