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Languages, Cultures and Literatures


Special Topics Course: Spanish Caribbean Music and Literature


This course will explore the symbiotic relationship between music and literature in the Hispanic Caribbean, emphasizing how the former shapes cultural identities, and how it represents certain social, racial, and ethnic groups. We will study concepts such as transnationalism, ideology, culture, structures of feeling, and melodrama.  We will also discuss the definition of the Caribbean as a cultural –rather than geographical- region.

The students will read a combination of novels, short stories, and texts about the histories of the different countries, and will also study –and listen to representative samples of- some of the most popular musical genres such as bolero, salsa, merengue, ranchera, and son.

This is a cross-listed course (Spanish: 18 students; Ethnic Studies: 5 students). Pre-requisites: Spanish 301 and 303.

ContactLeonora Simonovis | | (619) 260-4139
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