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Beatriz Lado Joins Faculty


We invite the campus community to help us welcome Beatriz Lado, our new language coordinator and assistant professor. She received her Licenciatura in English Philology from the Universidad de Valencia, M.A.s from Northwestern State University (English) and Louisiana State University (Linguistics), and holds an M.S. in Spanish Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Spanish Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University.

Her research interests include the interaction between external (e.g., type of feedback and degree of explicitness in pedagogical interventions) and internal variables (e.g., prior language experience and cognitive capacity) in the development of a non-primary language. Her other interests include the effects of verbalizing while performing a task to learn a second language (i.e., reactivity), the effects of CMC interaction on language learning, and the role of explicit and implicit language policies.

In addition to her work as language coordinator, Lado is teaching Spanish 306 (Spanish Linguistics) this semester.

ContactLanguages And Literatures | | (619) 260-4070
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