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Languages and Literatures


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Upcoming Events: 2014

No upcoming events. Please visit our other events from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Past Events: 2014

March 2014

Thu6Unwelcome Exiles. Mexico and the Jewish Refugees from Nazism, 1933-1945
Mon24Verdi, the Revolutionary: How Music United a Nation - A Workshop with Ron Shaheen, PhD
Wed26Documentary: Keep Your Eyes on Guatemala (Tengan puestos los ojos sobre Guatemala)
Wed26German Film: Der Koenig der Loewen
Fri28"Confessions of a Border Crosser: Reflections on Language, Writing and Travel." Reading by Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez.

April 2014

Thu3Japanese Film: Hotaru no haka (Grave of the Fireflies)
Wed23Arabic Calligraphy & Lebanese Food
Thu24El Crack: Instrucciones de uso
Thu24German Film: Beerland (Ein Amerikaner unterwegs im Land des Bieres)

September 2014

Wed24From Pinocchio to the Godfather and Beyond: Aspects of Italian/Italian North American Identities
Thu25Cultural Studies in the Classroom: A round table discussion with faculty of Languages and Literatures

October 2014

Sat11Apollinaire en 1914, Soldat et amoureux
Tue21Introduction to the Art of Alexis Peskine
Mon-Wed27-29Expressions of Cultures and Identities: An Exhibition by Alexis Peskine with USD Students

November 2014

Wed5Finding the Mother Lode: Italian Immigrants in California
Mon10Itinerarte 2014: El México del más Norte (subtitle: Lectura de cuatro escritores)
Thu13ZOMBILLENIUM by Arthur de Pins
Sun23Special Screening of Le Cose Belle Followed by the Appearance of Filmmakers Agostino Ferrente and Giovanni Piperno