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Department of

Languages, Cultures and Literatures

Emanuela Patroncini

Adjunct Instructor, Italian

Emanuela Patroncini has been an Italian instructor at USD since 2002. She teaches lower and upper division classes.

Born and raised in Italy, she is enthusiastic about sharing the language, culture and way of life of her country. Her classroom ischallenging but offers a supportive environment that promotes peer cooperation and stimulates learning.


Dottore, Università  di Bologna (Italy), Lingue e Letterature Straniere
M.A., Università Ca' Foscari (Venice, Italy), Didactics and Promotion of the
     Italian Language and Culture among Foreigners

Scholarly and Creative Work

Professor Patroncini has been the Teacher Class Coordinator for seven years at the non-profit organization Italian Community Center. She is passionate about opera and has been the Italian Diction coach at The San Diego Opera since 2003.

This summer she will be hosting the travel abroad course in Ferrara, Italy where she will be offering an intensive course in third semester Italian.

Teaching Interests

Professor Patroncini believes that the best way to help students to be successful and gain knowledge is to provide them with basic information through their direct involvement in the class. Her teaching interests are driven by a belief that the students need to be challenged in order to stay stimulated. The students actively participate in the activities and have the leading role while the teacher is a moderator who observes and offers help when needed. To see the students progress through the semesters is personally rewarding, enriching, and fulfilling.