French Film Series - Fall 2018

7-9:30 PM

  • French with English subtitles
  • Everyone is welcome
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On the Margins: Identity, Communication and Conflict from the Edge

September 13
L'élégance du hérisson

Paloma is a serious and highly articulate, but deeply bored 11-year-old who has decided to kill herself on her 12th birthday. Fascinated by art and philosophy, she questions and documents her life and immediate circle, drawing trenchant and often hilarious observations on the world around her. But as her appointment with death approaches, Paloma finally meets some kindred spirits in her building's grumpy concierge and an enigmatic, elegant neighbor, both of whom inspire Paloma to question her rather pessimistic outlook on life.

Dubai International Film Festival 

Le Herisson movie poster.

October 3 - Camino 108

Samba migrated to France ten years ago from Senegal, and has since been plugging away at various lowly jobs. Alice is a senior executive who has recently undergone a burn-out. Both struggle to get out of their dead-end lives. Samba's willing to do whatever it takes to get working papers, while Alice tries to get her life back on track until fate draws them together.

Samba movie poster.

November 13 - Camino 108


Fatima lives on her own with two daughters to support: 15-year old Souad, a teenager in revolt, and 18-year old Nesrine, who is starting medical school. Fatima speaks French poorly and is constantly frustrated by her daily interactions with her daughters. Her pride and joy, they are also a source of worry. To ensure the best possible future for them, she works odd hours as a cleaning woman. One day, she takes a fall on the stairs. On leave, Fatima begins to write to her daughters in Arabic that which she has never been able to express in French.

Fatima movie poster.

December 3 - Camino 119

Les Héritiers

Set at the Lycée Leon Blum in the working-class banlieue of Créteil, the script was inspired by Anne Angles, a motivational history teacher who forced her unruly class of juniors to participate in the annual Concours National de la Résistance et de la Déportation (National Contest of Resistance and Deportation).  Required to hand in a creative project on the theme of "Children and Teenagers under the Nazi Regime," the group of mixed students - many of Islamic faith - gradually learned to overcome their prejudices, banding together in the name of tolerance and remembrance. 

—J. Mintzer 

Les Heritiers movie poster.