French Major

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2016-2017, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on October 1, 2016. Access the catalog of record at

Preparation for the Major

A working knowledge of the fundamentals of French grammar and syntax, correct pronunciation, and ease in oral expression (12 units of lower-division or the equivalent).

The Major

The 25 upper-division units required for the major must include:

FREN 301Advanced Grammar and Composition (or equivalent)3
FREN 303Cultural Backgrounds of French Civilization (or equivalent)3
FREN 320Survey of French Literature I: Middle Ages to 18th Century3
or  FREN 321 Survey of French Literature II: 19th to 21st Centuries
Three upper-division courses at any level9
Two courses at the 400 level6
FREN 495Senior Capstone Project 11

The capstone project is carried out in the student’s last year in the program, and it should be linked thematically to one of the last two upper-division courses taken for the major. The student must consult with the program director to determine her or his project and enroll in FREN 495.

A minimum of 15 upper-division units must  be taken on the USD campus. The experience of living and  studying in a Francophone country is highly recommended.

Recommended Program of Study for the French Major

FREN 101 through FREN 202 must be taken in order, one course per semester. Once the 300 level is reached, two courses or more can be taken at the same time, but prerequisites must be observed. When planning a major or minor, advisors will help map out the best course for each student according to previous background, future career goals, or personal interest.