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Languages, Cultures and Literatures

Films - Fall 2015

7-9 pm in the Rigsby Language and Culture Commons (Founders 123).

All films are subtitled in English, free, and open to the public.

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Infernal Affairs poster

Oct. 1

Infernal Affairs

2002, Dirs. Wai-Keung Lau, Alan Mak

A Hong Kong crime thriller, the films tells the story of one police officer who has infiltrated a branch of a Chinese transnational organized crime syndicate, and another who is secretly working for it. Eventually, both men, still undercover, have grown confused about their true identities. Their objectives are the same: to find out who is the mole, and who is the cop.

--Excepted from Josh Ralske, Rovi

Shower movie poster

Oct. 15


1999, Dir. Zhang Yang

In this comedy, a successful Shenzhen businessman goes home to Beijing because his mentally-challenged brother has told him their father has died. He finds his father hard at work at the family's bathhouse and busily engaged with his customers. He stays long enough to realize that his father's health is failing, the district in which he grew up is slated for demolition, and that he must take stock of his entire family and future.—Excerpted from Rotten Tomatoes  

Beijing Bicycle poster

Oct. 29

Beijing Bicycle

2001, Dir. Wang Xiaoshuai

Beijing: young men in packs, machismo, class divisions, violence, and indifference. A 17 year-old boy arrives from the country to work as a messenger. The company issues him a bike, which he must pay for out of his wages. When it is stolen, he hunts for it and finds that a student his age has taken it in order to fit in with his peers and a girl he likes. Equally desperate to have the bike, they draw everyone into their tug-of-war.--from Rotten Tomatoes

The Road Home poster

Nov. 12

The Road Home

1999, Dir. Zhang Yimou

City businessman Luo Yusheng returns to his home village for the funeral of his father, the village teacher. He finds his elderly mother insisting that all the traditional burial customs be observed, despite the fact that times have changed, and that it involves many people carrying his father's body back to the village - the road home. As he debates the complications involved in organising such a big feat, he remembers the magical story of how his father and mother first met and got together.--from Rotten Tomatoes

A World Without Thieves poster

Dec. 3

A World Without Thieves

2004, Dir. Feng Xiaogang

The story is set primarily on a train bound inland from Tibet. A naïve village boy working as construction worker in Tibet, is returning home to get married. Refusing to believe that thieves exist in the world, he insists on carrying his five years of savings with him, and also brazenly shouts his earnings in a crowded street. He attracts the attention of con-team couple. One wants to steal the money; the other is touched by his innocence and decides to protect him.

--from Wikipedia