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Students who are studying Arabic at USD may find these resources helpful.

Activities and Cultural Events

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  • Al Arab - a great archive of streaming movies and TV shows
  • Arab Cima - another archive of streaming movies and TV shows, including dubbed American movies. In general, fantasy and historical dramas are dubbed into standard Arabic, and contemporary-set comedies and dramas are dubbed into either Levantine or Egyptian Arabic. There are also some dubbed TV shows
  • Al Mumiyaa' (The Mummy/The Night of Counting the Years) - a famous 1969 film with dialogue entirely in fuSHa. Subtitled version here
  • YouTube user omar1980TV - many full movies, mostly old ones, starring such actors as Soad Hosni, Ismail Yassin, Farid al Atrache, Fatin Hamama, Abdel Halim Hafez, and others
  • YouTube user Hind0Rostom - a large collection of full movies starring Hind Rostom
  • Rotana Cinema - Arabic movies online



  • Sonara - Scroll down to choose from TV series, movies, and TV programs
  • Ikbis - originally designed as an Arabic version of YouTube; you can now browse their channels to watch cooking shows, animation, and other videos
  • MTV Lebanon
  • Shankaboot - a Lebanese web series

Television News




 Radio, podcasts & other audio




  • Arabic e-books in PDF format (password for .rar files is tipsclub)
  • Adab (Arabic poetry)
  • Rashf - Arabic e-book database (must log in via Twitter or Facebook for download)
  • 4shared - If you're looking for a book (or, for that matter, a song), do a search in Arabic on this site



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