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Interdisciplinary Humanities

Interdisciplinary Humanities Senior Theses

2010 - 2011

J. Theo Gianulis, “Losing the Innocent,” fiction

Michelle Griswold, “Sati: An Ancient Tradition or A Contemporary Issue”

Eileen Lofgren, “Tree of Inevitable Boundary,” art installation

Natalie Kunstadter, “The Development of Movement,” architecture/urban planning

Michelle Mullins, “The Man Behind McCarthy”

Noah Nelson, “Basic Order in Latin and Romance Syntax: A Psychological Evaluation of Change”

Annie Parr, “My Life Song,” memoir

Kathryn Sell, “The Accidental Philosophers: A Look at French Impressionism through Merleau Ponty’s Framework of Perception”

Jacob “Jake” Shiffer, “Fine Feathers,” fiction

Bernadette Smith, “Darwinian Evolution and Jack London: Dualistic Representations of Evolution and Social Darwinism in the Character of Buck”

Austin Smythe, “Poetry,” fiction

Jordan Wendt, “Amara: The Diary of a Girl in Ancient Thira, 1647-45 BC,” fiction

2009 - 2010

Hilary Coulson: “‘Against the Instinct of Human Nature’: Witches and the Disruption of Fertility in Early Modern Europe”

Marie E. Harding: “Not Mere ‘Cookie-Pushing’: Babette’s Feast and the Relationship between Dining and Diplomacy in Early Twentieth-Century America”

Mark Heisey: “Ernesto and Fernando Cardenal: Revolutionary Priests”

Alex Karol: “Sacred Sustainability”

2008 - 2009

Simona Capisani: “Journey Through the Abyss: Nietzsche’s Nihilism and Transvaluation in the Art of Baudelaire, Manet, Klimt, and Rilke”

Stewart Cezar: "Palmares: Linking Brazilian Culture from Slavery to Capoeira & Carnival"

Pamela Cordes: “Gian Galeazzo Visconti: The Rise of the First Duke of Milan”

Jessie Edwards: “The Jews of China”

Hilary Harrington: “Altruism”

Whitney McCannon: “The Ongoing Battle to Retain Fertility Rights”

Chris Minkoff: “Apostle Paul's letter to the Corinthians”

Lauren Rasmussen: "Constantine and the Rise of Christian Rome"

Lorena Saucedo: “Route 66: A Piece of American Nostalgia”

Alison Wiley: “Self-Identification of Hapas”