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Interdisciplinary Humanities

Humanities Major

Lower Division (6 units or 2 classes)

Choose from the following history classes:

HIST 102 Ancient World HIST 103 Medieval World
HIST 108 Atlantic World, 1500-1820 HIST 109 Pacific World, 1500-1820
HIST 116 War and Peace in the Modern World HIST 117 US History to 1870
HIST 118 US History, 1870 to present HIST 125D Race & Ethnicity in the American Experience
HIST 126D American Women in History HIST 130 Introduction to East Asia
HIST 140 Modern Europe: Culture & Society HIST 170 World History I
HIST 171 World History II  

Upper Division (40 units or 14 classes)

Choose a concentration from among the following humanities disciplines. You may take at least 12 units (4 classes), but not more than 18 units (6 classes), in this concentration:

  • Art
  • Art History
  • English
  • History
  • Languages and Literatures
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
  • Theology and Religious Studies

You may take between 18-24 units (6-8 classes) in any or all of the humanities disciplines listed above. No more than 9 units (3 classes) may be taken from any one discipline.

Your coursework must include:

  • a Classical studies course
  • a Medieval and/or Renaissance studies course

Your coursework must also include a 4-unit, two-semester senior seminar.

  • Humanities 490 (1 unit)
  • Humanities 495W (3 units). This course will fulfill your general education requirement for written literacy.