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Interdisciplinary Humanities


'Landscapes of Desire' Featured at Birzeit University’s Virtual Gallery


Professor Halaka’s drawings from the series “Landscapes of Desire” are currently featured at Birzeit University’s Virtual Gallery of Palestinian Art (Birzeit, Palestine.) The Virtual Gallery was developed in 2005 by artists and art historians teaching at Birzeit University. The primary intention of the Virtual Gallery is to undermine the severe stricture imposed by the Israeli military occupation on Palestinian artists. The Virtual Gallery organizes monthly exhibitions that feature the work of Palestinian artists living in Palestine and/or in the diaspora. Those exhibitions enable Palestinian artists, many with greatly limited mobility and exhibition opportunities due to the military occupation, to get to know and learn from each other. The Virtual Gallery also provides the broader Palestinian community as well as the global community, with opportunities to view and study contemporary Palestinian art.

ContactDepartment of Art, Architecture + Art History | | 619-260-2280
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