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Interdisciplinary Humanities


Amanda Peterson Joins Language Faculty


Please join us in welcoming Amanda L. Petersen, who joins our faculty this semester.  She received her BA and MA in Spanish from Wichita State University and is currently finishing her doctoral degree in Hispanic Literature at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Petersen primarily works with contemporary Latin American female authors, with an emphasis on Mexican narrative. Her dissertation, entitled "Bodies in Ruins: Gender and Violence in Contemporary Mexican Short Stories," is an in-depth examination of representations of violence in short stories published in the '80s and '90s by four women authors. Her study uses the figures of ruins and ghosts to interpret the effects of violence on the narrated female bodies and will be expanded to include authors from various regions of Mexico for a book-length project. She also is interested in bringing Central American authors into her future research.

This semester Petersen will teach Spanish 202 and 301.

ContactLanguages And Literatures | | (619) 260-4070
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