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Interdisciplinary Humanities


Peace and Conflict Film Series Presents 'India Untouched' and Q&A with Stalin K

Event Start DateWednesday, April 27, 2011
Institute for Peace & Justice Theatre
Event Start Time6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
CostCost: free

"India Untouched" is a documentary looking at the lives of “untouchables” in India. The untouchables are treated inferiorly and in the most inhumane ways, while they are isolated from the rest of their communities. Filmmaker Stalin K. spent four years traveling throughout India filming the oppression of the Dalits, “the broken people,” in various communities, including the Sikhs, Christians, and Muslims.

Stalin K. is a human rights activist and award-winning documentary filmmaker, with 20 years experience pioneering new models of participatory media. He is the director of Video Volunteers, an international organization dedicated to empowering community voices by setting up media projects around the world. As part of Video Volunteers, he has set up more than 15 community video units in India and Brazil. He was the first National Convener of the Community Radio Forum of India which was responsible for a legislation that opened up airwaves to the communities. He is also a renowned public speaker and ha lectured or taught at over 30 institutions.

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