Reserve the Humanities Center at USD

For rental of the Salon or Seminar Room, submit a Room Rental Form and a Room Rental Agreement Form.
For rental of the Recording Room, submit a Recording Room Rental Form and a Recording Room Rental Agreement Form.

Please submit the two required forms at least two weeks in advance to

Salon (SH-200)

Square Feet: 636
Capacity: 40
Technology: Giant Television Screen

Seminar Room (SH-200F)

Square Feet: 375
Capacity: 12
Technology: SMART Board

Recording Room (SH-200H) Technology: Podcast / Recording Equipment

General Information

  • Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.
  • Room rental does not include administrative, A/V, or event support.
  • You are responsible to submit work orders such as: Catering, ITS, Media Services, Facilities chair and table rental, event filming, or other work requests.
  • We have a strict food policy of cold foods only. No warm or hot foods allowed.
  • Return the room back to the same state as before you used it.
  • Ensure that all doors are securely locked and all media and technology are turned off.
  • For events outside of the Humanities Center hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.), arrangements will be made to pick up a key.
  • Read full policies and procedures in the Agreement Form.
  • “As-Is” Set Up: The Salon and Seminar Room share a total of 24 chairs and 8 tables. The chairs and tables are all on casters and easy to rearrange. You are responsible for arranging the room and returning it back to how it was found.
  • “Auditorium” Set Up: Up to 40 folding chairs will be set up in rows with a center aisle. Chairs are rented from Facilities.