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Honors Program

Honors Student Board

The Honors Student Board was established in 2002 with the purpose of enhancing student participation in the Honors Program and promoting student interaction with the Honors Director. The Honors Student Board advises the Program Director on the Honors curriculum, voices student views about the structure of the program, suggests Honors social activities, and works to draw prospective students.


Honors Student Board Selection Process

Students interested in becoming members of the Honors Student Board submit an application at a designated time during the fall semester. The pool of applicants is reviewed by members of the current board. The strongest applicants are invited to join the Honors Student Board.

A senior representative shall be elected to the role of facilitator or Chair. The election will take place during the first half of the spring semester prior to the Chair’s year-long term. Two other representatives shall be elected Secretary and Historian at the last meeting of the spring term.

Board Members

Caroline Healey
Kate Motsinger
Kevin Fain
Kelly Yu
Meliza Trimidal
Molly Gentile
Sara Ha
Taylor Goelz (President)
Taylor Kress
Thomas Cotter
Thomas Klein
Michael Burrafato
Kristen Obana
Kat Pfost

HSB Committees

Social Committee

The social committee provides suggestions for potential Honors Program social activities.

Ambassador Committee

The Ambassador Committee is responsible for being the “face” of the Honors Program for prospective students at events such as the Honors Freshmen Luncheon, Alcala Bazaar, Admissions Open Houses and Panels, and HSB recruitment.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee reviews potential class curriculum; provides feedback to the student faculty representative, which will be communicated to the Honors Program Faculty Committee (note: the student representative to the Honors Program Faculty Committee must be a member of this committee).


The Honors Student Board meets once monthly. All Honors students are invited to attend and participate in meetings, but they shall not have a vote. All members shall have one vote in an instance where a vote is needed and majority rules.