Honors Program Courses

Fall 2018 Honors Early Registration

Registration Date Units Completed
April 3 90+ units
April 4 60-89 units
April 9 30-59 units
April 13 0-29 units

Honors LLC Courses and Single-Instructor Courses

All first-year students in the Honors Program begin with an Honors Fall LLC course, followed by a linked Spring LLC course. The instructor of the Honors Fall LLC course serves as the academic advisor. Throughout their time in the program, students also take single-instructor Honors courses, which vary from year to year and are offered by various departments. The learning goals for each course can be found within the assessment documents from those departments.
Honors LLC Instructor, Dr. Del Dickson, with his POLS 100 students.

Team-taught courses

The team-taught courses are a unique feature of USD's Honors Program. Team-taught courses bring together two faculty members from different disciplines to create innovative, interdisciplinary courses. Three to four team-taught courses are offered each semester, giving students a great selection of subjects. These classes provide a more balanced perspective on life, as problems in the real world are seldom answered by a single subject. Honors students are required to take two team-taught courses. Due to the creative and experiential nature of these courses, many students list team-taught courses as one of the best features of the program.

The student learning goals for each team-taught course will be listed on the syllabus and vary from class to class. However, the Honors Program has one learning outcome across all team-taught courses:Students will exhibit mastery, through team-taught classes, in integrating multiple disciplines to address various topics.

Dr. Lance Nelson (THRS) and Dr. Christopher Adler (Music) with students in their team-taught course, Sound and Spirit in South and Southeast Asia.

Honors Thesis Seminar

The Honors Thesis Seminar (HNRS 495) is the capstone course for all graduating students in the Honors Program. In this class, students have two major assignments for completion of the Honors Program:

  1. Present a public seminar on their independent, scholarly research.
  2. Submit a written thesis that describes their research in detail.

Often, the results of this work can result in presentations at regional, national and international conferences, and possibly lead to publication in scholarly journals.

Senior Dylan Murphy (Architecture) presenting his Honors thesis, Post-War Dutch Structuralism and French Structuralist Philosophy.