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Honors Program

Honors Program Courses

Fall 2014 Single Instructor Courses

Fall 2014 Honors Preceptorial Courses (Reserved for first-year students)

Fall 2014 Single Instructor Courses

Fall 2014 Team-Taught Courses

Fall 2014 Team-Taught Credit Distributions

Fall 2014 Team-Taught Course Descriptions

  • HNRS 302/303: Chinese nukes, Chinese nationalism, and American narcotics
    • Yi Sun and Randy Willoughby (History/Political Science)

  • HNRS 304/305: The Facebook Phenomenon: The (Social) Capital of Social Media
    • Bradley Bond and Justine Rapp (Communication Studies/Marketing)

  • HNRS 306/307: Education and Incarceration
    • Erik Fritsvold and Lisa Nunn (Sociology General/ Sociology of Crime, Justice, Law & Society)

  • HNRS 308/309: Power and Politics
    • Craig Barkacs and Linda Barkacs (Business Management/ Business ETLW)

Future Team-Taught Courses

Spring 2015 Team-Taught Courses